Our mission

Connecting people who genuinely need help with volunteers - a new way to get help and help out

Our mission is to connect individuals who need help to do one-off tasks with individuals who want to volunteer their time to fix, clean, care, shop, transport, garden, sort. teach and more.

Registered charity and social enterprise

We first piloted in Brisbane and are now operating across South East Queensland. Our scaling strategy is state-by-state, including regional areas. Anyone can join now and we will notify you when we operate in your area.

The charity's Board of Directors are Aaron Anderson, Damian Brady, Sue Coulter, Bill Owens, Nicole Peterman (CEO), and Tim Whybourne. Dr Mel Hyde (who evaluated our pilot), Robert Wagner (website developer-adviser) and Daniel Nelson (financial analyst) are fabulous supporters of Help Me With It. 

This is a new website (a beta website), so the charity's focus is to assess feedback from our members and make improvements to the service constantly. 


Send feedback to Help Me With It

Our website is new - it's our first build which we will update late 2017. Your feedback will help us improve your member experience.

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