Natural Disasters

Usage of Help Me With It will swell after a natural disaster

Usage of our service will swell after a natural disaster. Help Me With It will be an integral part of coordinated emergency relief efforts.

It will mean support for people is sustained beyond the very short term. Volunteering efforts are significant immediately after a disaster but oftentimes, support for people who really need help is not prolonged after the disaster. This isn’t because people don’t want to help - they’re not always sure what to do.

Sometimes what people need more than things is someone to help them with a simple one-off task.

Seekers will be able to post tasks describing exactly what they need help with and volunteers will know, with confidence, what they could do that will create the most impact.

Could you support a pop-up in a region before we're officially operating there?

Help Me With It is developing a plan to activate the service in a disaster-affected region before we officially open membership in that same region or State/Territory. Our operation after a natural disaster would be like a 'pop-up' platform for people to connect to get help and help out.

Our current funding and scaling strategy informs where we will operate and it is highly likely we will want to open membership to people affected by a natural disaster. This would mean people can ask for exactly what they need help to do.

At this stage, we are operating in South East Queensland. We supported connections between Seekers and volunteer Helpers after ex TC Debbie in Brisbane and Logan. 

If you’d like to discuss support for us to be able to pop-up outside South East Queensland, please contact us. Thank you



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