'Help Me With It' Stories

    • Cleaning out my pantry

    • Christine and Tara’s task

Christine really wanted a hand to clean her pantry. It was too overwhelming for her, but she knew with support it could be done.

Seeker: Christine

I get anxious and I don’t have neighbours or family I can ask for help. This service enables me to reach out to get support and I’m so thrilled to have met and been supported by a few people this year.

Helper: Tara

Christine was very friendly and happy to the help. She graciously donated pantry goods to the homeless. I was happy to help out for a few hours.

    • Putting together some shelves

    • Mark and Olly's task

Mark asked for help to put together some shelves. He couldn't physically do this himself and really wanted to organise his space better. It was a great pick-me-up too.

Seeker: Mark

I would like to thank him greatly as he was punctual, polite, very helpful for which I am exceedingly grateful and I gave him a five star review.

Helper: Oliver

I can do this so I did. I will be sharing my experience as widely as possible.

    • Tidying up a wardrobe

    • Anne and Diane’s task

Anne knew the task of tidying up her wardrobe would be easier with someone else. It’s sometimes stressful doing things on your own.

Seeker: Anne

We did this fairly quickly and it was fun – making decisions together and getting some advice about things in the wardrobe. Great pick-me-up. I love this charity.

Helper: Diane

I enjoyed this challenge. I felt a great sense of achievement and happy to help the Seeker who was very grateful. I am going to volunteer again using this service.

    • Watering during the mini heat wave

    • Lara and Janine’s task

Unfortunately Lara was very unwell and “stuck” in hospital. She loves to take care of her garden and was upset she couldn’t water during the mini heat wave late September.

Seeker: Lara

I was very appreciative of Janine’s help and grateful for this service. It’s very hard to manage things at home when you’re in hospital.

Helper: Janine

I was happy to help as this task wasn’t far from home and I like to water. I understood Lara’s worries.

    • Help to improve a go-fund campaign

    • Angela and Liam’s story

Grandmother Angela asked for help to improve what she had written for a go-fund campaign – aimed at increasing support for her grandson who has Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Angela was supported by Liam who helped edit the campaign and also advocated for further support within his network.

Seeker: Angela

Liam was fantastic support for me. He explained how I could improve my fundraising campaign and even emailed people in his network and phoned a government minister to get help. This was much more than I expected.

Helper: Liam

People like Angela have a disproportionate impact on the world. Her strength of character and selfless pursuit of support for her grandson and young people in similar situations is something that most of us could draw strength from. Personally, I walked away from my interaction with Angela feeling more like I was the one who received help, in the form of inspiration.

    • Decluttering and cleaning up

    • Anne and Christine’s story

Anne asked for a hand get some thin curtains down to wash and to generally tidy the entrance area of her small apartment – the lounge and kitchen. Anne was initially anxious about asking for help because of her clutter and anxiety, but she was very pleased she did.

Seeker: Anne

Christine was like an angel. My kitchen and lounge is beautiful. I’m more likely to keep it this way now because I feel proud to show my visitors. It’s perked me up.

Helper: Christine

I received a message from Anne saying that she has kept her areas clean and tidy since we spent time together – that was great to hear. It was a pleasure helping.

    • Help with cashflow manager

    • Sarah and Susan’s story

Sarah ran a small business that she needed to wind up. She wanted a hand to sort the recording of transactions and invoices so she could move on. Sarah is not confident with numbers, so she asked for help to use a program called Cashflow Manager.

Seeker: Sarah

My experience with Help Me With It was pretty awesome. I received some really helpful guidance and was able to complete my task. I found Susan to be very approachable and friendly. I would not hesitate to post up another task.

Helper: Susan

I love this service. Just finding the request from Sarah and knowing that I could help was easy. The process was smooth and Sarah was very welcoming. When we sat down to work out how I could assist she was on the right path, so I just took her through some options. I really enjoyed our meeting and would recommend to anyone that they just reach out.

    • Putting a bed together

    • Cheryl and Kathryn’s task

Cheryl has been struggling for many reasons and has been living in a crowded unit – sleeping on her couch. She’s been unable to put together a bed which had some pieces upstairs and some downstairs.

Seeker: Cheryl-ann

Wow – I can’t believe how wonderful it was to meet people who were keen to help me. We had things in common and laughed and talked. It’s awesome to finally have my bed to sleep in.

Helper: kathryn

Cheryl is a beautiful person and deserving of a helping hand. I walked away feeling great – it went well.

    • Putting up some curtains

    • Jacqui and Suzette’s story

Jacqui posted a task to take up some pre-made curtains so she could replace her damaged curtains. She’d been struggling with her very old sewing machine and needed help to get the curtains down and back up too. We love the joy in Jacqui’s face showing her new curtains!

Seeker: Jacqui

I've been waiting for ages to get my new curtains up and they look great! I really needed another pair of hands to measure and hang them so was very pleased to use this super service.

Helper: Suzette

It was so nice to be able to help Jacqui make her home just a little bit nicer. We worked together and even had a few laughs!

    • Pruning some trees back

    • Annie and Angela’s story

Annie asked for some help to cut back a tree along her home which was reaching the gutters. Her husband and herself can’t manage a task like this and their son is working interstate.

Seeker: Annie

Angela was generous and so helpful – we are so grateful this is done and we can now walk safely around the area too. We also enjoyed toasties together. I’ve told many people about this great service.

Helper: Angela

It’s a great feeling to help someone and I get a lot out of this. Plus, it was a challenge conquered!

    • Reviewing a job application

    • Martin and Nicole’s story

Martin posted a task asking if someone could review his job application to work at Bunnings. He’d started it but knew it would be a stronger application if someone looked over it.

Seeker: Martin

I was made redundant and unemployed for too long. Nicole was patient with me while working through my documents. We worked together for a couple of hours to fix it up. I didn’t get the Bunnings job but used all our words and my revised CV for another application and am now a school groundsman.

Helper: Nicole

Martin and I met at the library at Nundah and worked away on his laptop to strengthen his application. He was so much more confident in his chances and proud of his application – which was very satisfying to see.

    • Patching a hole in the wall

    • Tim and David’s story

Tim fainted in his apartment and hit his head on the wall – putting a hole in it. Tim is shaky and was unable to fix it, so asked for a handyman to help with this task.

Seeker: Tim

This is the second time I’ve used Help Me With It and again I’ve had great help. David went beyond what I asked for and even painted the wall.

Helper: David

I work in the community sector and I know how valuable help is to people who are struggling. This is a great service because I can choose the times I can volunteer.

    • Mowing for me while I’m unwell

    • Rebecca and Bill’s story

After surgery related to breast cancer, Rebecca asked for help to mow her yard. She wasn’t up to it and the lawn wouldn’t wait!

Seeker: Rebecca

Thank you ever so much Bill. I couldn’t do this while I’m recovering and it’s a relief to have it done. This service is amazing and I will give back when I can.

Helper: Bill

I knew I’d feel great after helping Rebecca. If only I felt like that after working in my own yard! I don’t volunteer for an organisation, but this was easy.

    • Help me visit my brother in hospital

    • Robert and Sue’s story

Robert asked for help to travel to Redland Bay hospital to visit his gravely ill brother. He asked for help to use public transport, but Sue drove him and waited for a few hours while the brothers talked.

Seeker: Robert

I’m very shaky on my feet and can’t get to the hospital to see my brother. Thank you Sue. It was great to see my brother. I will do anything in my power to support Help Me With It, including telling people about it.

Helper: Suzanne

A round trip that only took 4 hours bought so much joy for Robert and his dear brother. We enjoyed chatting and I explored a new area while waiting. I look forward to volunteering again soon. I can’t volunteer regularly because I am my husband’s carer.

    • Taking an old fridge to the dump

    • Tim and Suzette's story

Tim asked if a volunteer could take an old fridge to the dump. Suzette, Tim and Elizabeth had a good chat then zoomed off to the dump. Not many people have a trailer or ute. We’ve had a few Seekers ask for help to take rubbish to the dump or to donate so if you have a trailer you could be the help that someone else needs.

Seeker: Tim

Excellent. I am very grateful. Thank you to Suzette and thank you Nicole for your support to post my task. I don’t know how else I would have got the fridge there and it had to go.

Helper: Suzette

This was a great opportunity for me to help someone in my community. I was visiting the dump that day so helping out Tim was no trouble at all.

    • Mowing and tidying my yard

    • Stephanie and John’s story

Stephanie’s mower broke down and her children couldn’t play safely in their yard. Stephanie was so grateful our volunteer Helper John could help her out. We love a before and after photo!

Seeker: Stephanie

Awesome, thank you Help Me With It. I will tell others about the service for sure.

Helper: John

I was glad I could help someone in need. Hopefully some stress was removed from Stephanie and her kids now that they have a clear fun spot to play.

    • Mowing and edging in my yard

    • Julie and Anthony’s story

Julie asked for help to mow her lawn after significant rain. She was unwell and suffering from asthma, so the task was impossible for Julie.

Seeker: Julie

Seeing the long grass in my yard everyday was starting to get me down, so I was so excited to have Anthony visit and tidy it all up. It looks so great now!

Helper: Anthony

It was so satisfying seeing how good Julie’s yard looked after the mowing and edging had been done.

    • A lesson to use Excel to categorise my movies

    • Elaine and Louise’s story

Elaine asked for help to create a spreadsheet to manage her movie list. Her hobby is movies. Elaine has family interstate and she could not work out how to be supported with just this task. She was blown away when helped by Louise to scan each movie using an app which captured all the data!

Seeker: Elaine

That was better than the opera! Did you know there is an app than scans DVDs and all the data is there instantly!?

Helper: Louise

Being able to help someone achieve what they were wanting to do is extremely fulfilling. Me having a hobby that matches what Elaine wanted to do was such a bonus.

    • Budgeting to help my family

    • Libby and Stacey’s story

Libby asked if someone could create a budget template for her with her income and expenses so she could have this up on her fridge every month. Libby wanted her family to see it and better understand what they could spend and what they needed to save.

Seeker: Libby

Stacey created a simple budget so we could track our progress every month. I can add notes for the kids to see. She also shared a calculator off her company’s website so I can use it to plan. This has really helped our whole family.

Helper: Stacey

I’m a Branch Manager at CUA, so this task really suited me. I enjoy making lists and budgets for my own family so I really loved putting Libby’s budget together for her.

    • Updating my resume

    • Deb and Mark’s story

Deb asked for help to revise her resume. Deb was soon to finish her contract and she wanted to prepare well to find a new job. This was a virtual task. The volunteer Helper and Deb emailed back and forth to prepare the resume.

Seeker: Deborah

All I can say is - WOW! My resume looks really awesome - thank you. I am actually moved to tears. I am really grateful to Mark. My confidence has taken a pounding recently and this process is really helping me raise my self-esteem again.

Helper: Mark

It felt so satisfying to support Deb. I cannot volunteer regularly, so this opportunity suited me and I will be able to help someone again soon.

    • Clean outside walls and tidy for collection

    • Valmai and Angela’s story

Valmai lives on a large property and it is becoming very difficult to do many jobs. She has regular support from a community service, however that service does not extend to tasks that need doing once in a while.

Seeker: valmai

I very much appreciated Angela’s help. I really needed it. I have had a stroke and am struggling. Tasks like cleaning outside are so hard for me. I enjoyed meeting Angela too.

Helper: Angela

Help Me With It is a great way of being able to reach people that need help and I assisted Val with a number of household chores that she was unable to do herself including the cleaning of external areas of her home and moving old furniture for rubbish collection.

    • Connecting my TV and a lesson

    • Rachel and Louise’s story

Rachel had no problem operating her TV or recorder years ago but was now struggling. She said she was exasperated with two remotes! she said. Rachel also has trouble with her strength because of Multiple Sclerosis - so it makes fiddly tasks very hard.

Seeker: Rachel

Within a few days of posting my request, Louise came with her toolbox. She quickly worked it all out and explained everything clearly. With 24 hrs she had sent me two pages of pictures of the remotes with footnotes all over them describing the different features. What bliss! Thank you, Louise!

Helper: Louise

It was wonderful being able to be of assistance to Rachel. I love playing with electronics and it was great being able to use some of my skills to help another person.

    • Help to create a small garden

    • Natalie and David’s story

Natalie really wanted to create a new garden so she had a project to manage at home. She did not have anybody to help her and could not manage this after surgery, nor afford a gardener on a pension. We love this photo of Natalie and David in front of the new garden!

Seeker: natalie

David my volunteer was amazing and fantastic company to talk to. His help was so much appreciated. I recommend Help Me With It to anyone who needs support.

Helper: David

Had a lovely time putting in a new garden for Natalie. Until today we had never met, however we found we had a lot in common. By the end of the task we both felt good about what we had achieved.

    • Trimming a hedge

    • Carol-Joy and Suzette’s story

Carol-Joy is finding it increasingly difficult to manage her yard because of her disabilities. She lives alone and has always taken great pride in her home since being able to live there.

Seeker: Caroljoy

I love working in my garden but recently I have not been able to really do as much as I would like. Having someone to help me trim the hedges means the garden looks tidy again and I met someone lovely. We had a great chat and I am hoping when I am well I can help someone else.

Helper: Suzette

I was happy to help out and it only took an hour or so one afternoon after work. Carol-Joy joined in with some of the easier tasks so it was a great opportunity for team work. We were both very pleased with our efforts at the end.

    • Sorting out clothes to declutter and donate

    • Elia and Christine’s story

Elia wanted to sort through some clothes and work out what to throw or give away. She said she struggled with keeping too much and it was getting out of hand. She asked if someone who loved sorting could help her make a start.

Seeker: Elia

I have been wanting to sort my clothes out for so long but I really needed someone to help me. I was able to donate lots of clothes to charity and now have lots of space in the cupboards. I feel so much better now!

Helper: Christine

I love doing tasks like this so it was a great joy to see how my skills could help someone else. I cannot volunteer regular because I am away a lot, so I hope to help with more tasks like this.


These are just some of the hundreds of tasks our members connected to do.

To our members who connected with each other, thank you. Thank you for being brave and asking for help. Thank you for doing something to help someone - doing something to help others, rather than donating and 'liking', is a powerful act of kindness and a significant contribution to our community.



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