Safety and security and FAQs

Safety and security:

Safety and security is incredibly important. It is important that safety is always front of mind. Help Me With It regards identity checks, privacy, safety and respectful conduct as serious matters.

By using the Help Me With It website, both Seekers and Helpers agree to take personal responsibility for their safety. Members are in the best position to assess their safety during tasks. It is important for you, as a Seeker or Helper, to assess your safety at all times and avoid a situation that may pose a risk to your health or safety. A Seeker must, as far as practicable, ensure a safe environment for the Helper.

Small measures can make a difference:

Where a Seeker has connected with a Helper via the website, Help Me With It encourages Members to:

  • first meet in a public place, such as your local Australia Post store or local council library;
  • tell someone that you are having that meeting and who you are meeting with; and
  • seek to confirm that the person you meet with matches his or her profile.

Seekers and Helpers should:

  • familiarise themselves with public information on personal safety. Useful information is available from Product Safety Australia, Comcare, Safe Work Australia and the Queensland Police, for example;
  • undertake only the task that was posted, and not other tasks;
  • form their own view as to whether the task is able to be safely performed; and
  • use common sense to ascertain whether a task is safe to undertake within your personal expertise, qualifications, physical abilities and limitations.

A Helper is under no obligation to perform any task and may refuse to perform a task for a Seeker. If a Helper has concerns as to their ability to be able to perform a task safely for a Seeker, or as to whether they have the necessary expertise, qualifications or physical ability to perform a task, the Helper should not perform that task.

In the case of an injury, seek medical assistance (if it is an emergency, call 000), and any illegal activity or serious incidents should be reported directly to Police.

It is important for Seekers and Helpers to read and understand our Terms and Conditions, which can be accessed here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Technical / how to questions - if you need, please contact us (use our contact us form) and we will reply or phone you to support you to use our service. 

You only need to verify one card.

Check your birthday is entered correctly on the first 'Verifications' tab of your Profile.

For Driver’s Licence – put the card’s number in the form without spaces.

For Medicare card – ensure you put the initial of your middle name in the form (as on your card); and put the card’s number in the form without spaces.

Contact us via our form if you are having troubles and we'll help you.

Have you:

- completed information on your profile? See what information we need in the ‘Information’ tab (a profile photo) and also the ‘Verifications’ tab.

- pressed ‘Save changes’ at the very bottom of the task form?

Please phone 0439078176 if you have any trouble. 

Click on your task title – next to the task category icon. Then ‘Edit’. You’ll see your drafted task form. You can add information and your 3 preferred task dates/times. Then press ‘Submit’ and we will review your task before it’s published to the website. If you’re not ready to submit your task, press ‘Save to my draft tasks’ to finish it later. Remember to choose dates/times for volunteer Helpers that aren’t too close to the current date. This gives people time to plan to help you.

Have you verified your email address? An email was sent to you when you joined with a link to verify your email. It might be in your ‘junk’. Once you verify your email address, you can log in.

Tip: Your photo needs to be of you so that other members so that other members can identify you when you meet.

Have you pressed ‘Save changes’ at the bottom of that page?


Help Me With It is the first organisation of its kind. Help Me With It does not connect volunteers to community services. Our model is a peer-to-peer model – we provide a platform through which Members seeking help or offering help can connect directly to each other.

If you wish to volunteer regularly for a community service, you can find opportunities via the Volunteering Australia website.

Sometimes it is hard to know why someone needs help and it is hard to know what people really need help with. We give people the opportunity to ask for exactly what they need help with and to share what might happen if they are helped.

The following information guides us in assessing a Seeker’s needs:

  • All task requests are assessed by a Help Me With It Moderator prior to being posted on the website.
  • Seekers will share the answer to ‘What might happen if you get help?’ or ‘Why do you need help?’ when they post a task.
  • Member profiles will indicate if a Seeker holds a Health Care Card (a concession card).
  • If a Helper believes a post may require further review, they can report it to a Help Me With It Moderator.

You can join now. [Join here]. If you are not in our operating area right now, we will let you know when you can use Help Me With It.

We’re operating in South East Queensland now: Brisbane, Redlands, Moreton Bay, Logan, Ipswich and Toowoomba.

Help Me With It is planning to expand its service to other States and Territories in Australia.

As a not-for-profit and social enterprise, Help Me With It exists solely to benefit those in need and the community. We are committed to generating a sustainable operating model capable of delivering strong social impact. To ensure our longevity, it is important we are able to operate without the need for ongoing external funding.

Our $9 Task Fee for Seekers and $10 annual Membership Fee for Helpers allows Help Me With It to offer a platform that Members can use with confidence, including enabling Help Me With It to undertake identification verifications of Members.

Yes, Help Me With It has insurance appropriate for the services it provides and for its own operations. This includes volunteer's insurance.

Seeker and Helper

It is important to remember that Help Me With It is a registered charity that exists to assist those in need and those who may be struggling or face significant challenge or disadvantage. As a registered charity, Help Me With It must constrain its activities to those which were the basis of its recognition as a registered charity.

If you are over 18 and genuinely require support, Help Me With It provides a platform for you to reach out for assistance, or to be a volunteer if you wish to provide support.

Help Me With It is designed to provide a platform through which Seekers connect directly with Helpers to complete simple one-off tasks. As a Seeker, you can request support for a range of different tasks. Some examples of tasks that would be appropriate to seek to have fulfilled through the website platform include help with technology, gardening, personal administration, grocery shopping or general maintenance and cleaning around the home.

The website platform is not able to assist you if you require part-time or full-time carer, or help with a task that you anticipate will take five hours or more. If you require help in relation to tasks such as that, Help Me With It suggests you contact Hireup (a service that enables people with a disability to hire and manage their own support workers), or a local community service (use My Community Directory to find one near you).

You cannot become a Member if:

  • you are under 18 years of age;
  • you do not have access to a computer or the internet;
  • you do not have or do not provide the required identification information (including your email, your phone number and either your Driver’s Licence or Medicare card);
  • you do not have a debit or credit card (used to pay small fees); or
  • you require ongoing help, like a part-time carer.

Help Me With It reserves its right to cancel or suspend your Membership, among other things, if it considers that the content or feedback received by it about you from or on behalf of another Member warrants such a suspension or cancellation of your Membership.

At this stage, Members can only post a task to get help for themselves. A Help Me With It Moderator can assist Seekers post a task.

Yes. Seekers and Helpers can communicate directly by logging into the website and using Help Me With It’s messaging system. Help Me With It has no control over the content of the private messages between Seekers and Helpers.

It is important for Help Me With It that Seekers and Helpers have their own profile. Messages from Help Me With It, including alerts that a Member has received a message from another Member, will be sent to a Member’s email address and duplicated on their Help Me With It dashboard (in the logged in area of the website). Members can only reply to messages from other Members by logging into the website.


If you need to cancel a task that is scheduled, please log in to Help Me With It, click on the task title on your Helper dashboard and then ‘Withdraw your offer to help’. This will notify the Seeker that you have cancelled. Then their task will be re-posted on our website so that another volunteer can offer to help.

If you just want to change the date and time of your task, either:

  • message the Seeker on our platform. To message, see the messages link/envelop under the task title on your dashboard. The Seeker will be notified straight way when you message via the platform.
  • contact us so we can help to facilitate this for you.

Either way, we’d like to know the date and time of the task if it is changed so that we can send relevant task messages.

Please phone 0439078176 if you have any trouble.

Yes. If your profile is complete (you have verified your ID and have a profile photo so that members can recognise you when you meet), we can post your task for you. Please contact us via our form or phone 0476018843.

We know that sometimes accidents happen. If something gets broken while completing a task, it’s important that Seekers and Helpers are able to negotiate who funds the repair between them. Just as you would with a family member or friend, we ask Members to be guided by what is fair and equitable when determining a resolution.

Help Me With It encourages dispute resolution directly with the other party involved. We also support the use of a certified mediation or an arbitration entity (which would be a cost incurred by a Seeker and Helper), or to report disputes to police as appropriate.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information about liability.

Help Me With It encourages Helpers to avoid incurring costs on behalf of Seekers wherever possible.

If a Helper is to incur costs on behalf of a Seeker, you are entitled to be reimbursed any reasonable costs you reasonably incur with the prior approval of the Seeker in providing that help. Help Me With It encourages Helpers to obtain written confirmation of the Seeker’s approval for the Helper to incur those costs prior to doing so.

Seekers and Helpers can rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 5 after a task is completed. Ratings are an important way for Members to provide feedback, and will assist our Member community to make informed decisions, while recognising and validating individual efforts.

While an average rating for Helpers will be visible on their profile, ratings of Seekers will not be publicly available.

Ratings also enable Help Me With It’s Moderators to assess activity on the website and investigate possible issues.

Members can provide Help Me With It with feedback or seek support through a number of avenues. Members can:

  • provide feedback with regards to the functionality of the website;
  • report task posts as inappropriate;
  • report concerns to a Moderator for further review via; and
  • rate their Seeker or Helper (see more about ratings above).

Your personal information

Help Me With It has a number of measures in place to protect the privacy of Members.

Tasks visible via the website will not be attributed to a Seeker or Helper. Members must login to be able to access the details of a task, including the limited profile information of a Member that is able to be viewed by other Members.

Members will only be identified to other Members in the logged in area of the Help Me With It website by their first name and the initial of their surname, as well as by a photo. While Help Me With It will collect personal details from Members (including your surname, phone number and email) this information will not be visible to the public nor to other Members.

Once a task is assigned, Members can communicate via the Help Me With It messaging system on the website.

Further details in relation to our approach can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Authentication of the identification of Members is important to Help Me With It, and it provides extra security. Many organisations merely sight identity documents, but do not verify their validly against trusted data sources.

To become a Member, you must consent to have your identity verified and provide the information needed for an identity check to be carried out. Some of your personal information required in order to verify your identity is not passed to or held by Help Me With It. Instead that information is provided to third party companies that Help Me With It has engaged that specialise in verifying identity, including VixVerify and Telesign.

In order to utilise the website as a Member (whether as a Seeker or a Helper), you are required to provide the following items of identification your:

  • name;
  • postcode;
  • email; and
  • phone number; and
  • Driver’s Licence or Medicare details – however, as above, we do not store or hold this data. We are only notified if the card is valid.

Help Me With It may also collect additional personal information from you (collection of some of this information is optional and will be collected subject to your consent), including:

  • your address;
  • your employer’s name;
  • referee details;
  • whether you have a Health Care Card;
  • an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission Police Check; and
  • date of birth (if you provide an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission Police Check – which is optional).
Our data is retained in an Australia data centre. Only our Member’s phone number (no other Member data) is stored in America as we use an American company to verify our Member’s phone number (for security purposes).

Safety and security

Your safety and privacy is important to us. For this reason, personal details such as your phone number, email or address will not be included on your profile, nor in the tasks you post.

Help Me With It employs Moderators to assess the suitability of details included in tasks posted prior to them being published, and to otherwise support Members.

All Member profiles indicate if an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s police check has been submitted by a Member. A police check is a point-in-time check - valid only at the time it is done. A Member is not required to submit a police check, however he or she can. Click here to read about how you can obtain a police check.

It is important to understand that as a Seeker or a Helper, it is your responsibility to consider your safety at all times. Help Me With It encourages all Members to act with awareness and to adopt a common-sense approach.

As you would when undertaking a task around your home or at work, Members are required to assess their own risks before and during a task. This is because you, as a Seeker or Helper, are in the best position to identify and assess risks.

The most important thing to remember is that if for any reason you feel unsafe or otherwise uncomfortable in commencing or performing a task, then do not commence that task or stop performing that task.

When paying Help Me With It’s small fees, your financial details are passed through eWay’s secure server. Help Me With It does not hold or store your credit or debit card details. Refer to eWay’s website and its policies, terms and conditions for further information about the payment of fees.




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