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Supporting Seekers by purchasing a Token for them

Next year anybody in the world* will be able to buy Tokens which Help Me With It will allocate to Seekers. This would mean that Seekers who receive a Token would not have to pay the small Task Fee ($9). During our pilots Seekers paid this fee and during our extensive consultations, hundreds of people said the fee was appropriate for our social enterprise. However, we know that for some Seekers, it could be a barrier to getting help.

We also know that many community services want to be able to pay the Task fee for their clients - so we're aiming to enable this in a future website upgrade.

*Yes anybody or any organisations anywhere in the whole wide world.

Supporting employees to volunteer

In the future we will enable employers to pay for their employee's once-a-year Membership fee ($10).

Many small and large businesses have said they will nominate Help Me With It as a platform for their employees to find volunteering opportunities that suit and resonate with them - as an alternative to structured, group volunteering activities.




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