We are saddened to let you know that Help Me With It is no longer operating.

After several years of positive outcomes, we can no longer financially support connections between our members. This message provides us with an opportunity to share some reflections on our work, our successes and our learnings.

Firstly, to our members who connected with each other, thank you. Thank you for being brave and asking for help. Thank you for doing something to help someone - doing something to help others, rather than donating and 'liking', is a powerful act of kindness and a significant contribution to our community.

Although we had CUA's financial support to build our innovative service, we were not successful at securing an appropriate second major partner (which was not a competitor to CUA). We designed a service that would not rely solely on external funding, but support from a second major partner at this stage was vital. Awards and recognition for innovation in the community services and volunteering sectors were not enough to help us scale. Without funds to support scaling activities, including marketing, we could not continue to grow.

Tremendous support for our charity was conveyed by thousands of people who thought Help Me With It was a "great idea". We also needed those supporters to use the service after joining. This was especially so with limited funding to attract new members, and this is very disappointing given our significant growth in 2017.

Hundreds of tasks were completed by volunteer Helpers for our Seekers. It is hard to know why there weren't more connections between our existing members, but we believe that many people seeking help didn’t feel comfortable asking for help. Secondly, it was a challenge to motivate enough of our Helpers to volunteer, even for a few hours. It seems that, in the absence of a disaster, it's more difficult to motivate people to volunteer once in a while than we predicted.

We loved our members' messages and photos. The joy expressed by you about your experiences together was uplifting and makes this news hard to share, but you showed us the service works and we are grateful for your patience, trust and support. It has been a long, challenging, yet satisfying journey for us. Sadly, the enterprise is not sustainable given the funding required to achieve scale and continue development, so we are voluntarily winding up.

Some of our hundreds of connections are showcased on this page.

If you have visited this website to seek help, we recommend you visit My Community Directory. We can't refer you to a service like Help Me With It because there isn’t another. Yet.


The Help Me With It CEO


Please contact us if you’d like to discuss our outcomes or learnings. If you are interested in our CEO's views on innovation rhetoric and risk taking, she's happy to discuss in the interests of supporting partnership activity. Our early, comprehensive legal due diligence and our policies can be shared at some level too. This may help inform future operations similar to Help Me With It - as a constant service open 24/7, or a pop-up service after a natural disaster.

In March 2018, Help Me With It’s intellectual property (our platform) was transferred to the Australian Red Cross.



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