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Different ways to help

eg. Help me vacuum my apartment as I'm recovering after a recent hospital visit.
eg. I'd love to go to a football game as I’ve never been and can't afford to go right now.
eg. Help me prepare a meal for my family as I’ve recently injured my back.
eg. Help me with my shopping so I can rebuild my confidence.
eg. Help me to get to the local Doctor’s office as I don’t have access to a car.
eg. Help me mow my small back yard as I’m not able to do this anymore.
eg. Help me to learn how to use my new phone so I can connect with my family.
eg. Help me understand some documents so I can respond confidently in English.
eg. Help me translate a document as I'm having trouble understanding the language.
eg. Help me by meeting up for a walk and a chat so I can enjoy a social outing.
eg. Help me with my resume so I can get a job.
eg. Help me fix a wobbly table as I don't have any family or friends close by.
eg. Help me look after my puppy as I’ll be in hospital for a couple of days.

What is
Help Me With It?

About Us

We connect individuals who need help to do one-off tasks with individuals who want to volunteer their time to fix, clean, care, shop, transport, garden, sort, teach and more.

Sometimes it is hard to know why someone needs help and it is hard to know what people really need help with.

It's an Australian charity and a digital disruption in the volunteering sector.

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